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The Lucia Light has been featured in GOOP magazine! Read the full article here.

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Experience advanced light meditation
with the Lucia No03

Continued use of the light supports an embodiment of our highest expression.
Our vision at Beam Light Studio is to share our healing light
with those who are looking to connect with who they really are
and also to support a journey of well-being.


the Benefits

Each person’s experience is different every single time. The activity of the light invites the brain into expanded states of consciousness (increased alpha, gamma, theta waves) and into a harmonic brain state enjoyed by experienced meditators.

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The Team


We are fortunate to have several trained and dedicated Light Practitioners on our team
who would love to meet you.

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Access a Peacefulness from within

The Lucia light experience is both meditative and stimulative. 


A session with Lucia is an invitation to clear the mind,
and experience and access a peacefulness from within.

Love for the Light


Read a few of the beautiful reviews

that clients have shared about their experience.

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My light sessions make me feel connected to myself
in a deeper way. After my light meditations I feel
more clear and a sense of calm leads my movements
throughout the day.


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Studio Address

16 Bruce Street North, Unit 6

Thornbury, Ontario

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